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For some projects, you need a little more than just concrete. We sell a few different products that are commonly used to strengthen, protect, and repair your existing concrete. Contact us for details about pricing, availability, and options.

Rebar Sealer

Rebar - reinforcing steel

Concrete is generally porous. It has countless holes that allow water and other elements to seep far below the surface. When water gets in, so do other things get that will cause staining, corrosion, rust, and cracks. When water invades concrete in winter, it often freezes and results in visible and structural damage. Covering concrete with a sealer helps prevents all of these forms of damage.

Sealer - protecting the surface


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Rebar is a steel material used to form a framework around which concrete is poured. Without it, your concrete is more likely to suffer cracks and corrosion. Rebar also helps resist problems caused by temperature changes, expansion, and shrinkage, and it can also improve aesthetics. Although steel often suffers from rusting, rebar is generally protected once it is encased in the concrete poured around it.

KIMG0192(1) Wire mesh

Expansion joint - for big projects

Concrete can be reinforced by both rebar and wire mesh. Each has advantages. Rebar provides more reinforcement, especially for concrete that might support a great deal of weight. However, wire mesh provides better protection against cracks. Some contractors prefer to work with rebar, others like wire mesh. Contact us at Ken's Redi-Mix Inc and ask us more about the pros and cons of both.

Wire mesh reinforcement

Concrete is affected by more than just water and weather. Roads, bridges, and other large projects are affected by movement, vibrations, and even small earthquakes. Expansion joint is designed to help highways, bridges, buildings, and even ships absorb those effects and keep everything functional and together while we go about our business without realizing how important this product is.

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Generally used to increase the toughness and post-crack load carrying capacity, micro fibers may be used in any application to improve durability. An extremely high number of micro fibers uniformly disperse multi-dimensionally throughout the concrete mixture, helping to prevent cracking that might permanently weaken concrete.  With the use of micro fiber admixtures, permeability is decreased, while surface characteristics, impact, and toughness properties are improved.

Fiber Mesh